Need to up your remote collaboration game?

We’ve pulled out 3 mini workshops from the Pack Design Sprint arsenal which you can use with your team for free help you get your team collaborating like pros.


3 exclusive mini 30min workshop templates designed for remote collaboration

Note & Vote

Note and vote is a fun and engaging 30 minute workshop designed specifically to help you get the most out of your time by working to a strict set of timed exercises.

Work together, yet alone to come up with multiple ideas, present them back to the group and then discuss and vote on your favourites.

No more endless meetings, no more endless discussions - just quick, decisive actions that give everyone a voice, and turn ideas into actions.

Zero to Hero

Zero to Hero is a great 30 minute workshop which replaces all unstructured discussions with a clear purpose, allowing you and your team to define and address a real challenge, prioritise it and help produce solutions.

3 Step Sketch

Using similar exercises you would find in a Design Sprint, the 3 Step Sketch is a super interactive 30-minute workshop you can run with the team when you next face your biggest challenge.

Go from ideas to sketched solutions in a small amount of time, and work collaboratively as a team to discuss, present and vote on your favourites. You don’t need to be an artist - it’s suitable for any level, and it will help visualise solutions and break down assumptions.

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