The New Normal.

What do you do when your world changes almost overnight?

The Coronavirus spread across the world, and all of a sudden a third of the planet’s population was on lock down, unable to leave their homes.

For us it was also a shock – we had just launched a new business that centered on bringing people together, and suddenly doing that wasn’t possible – well, not in person.

But we were also interested in how over people were dealing with the new normal. Where was their next pay cheque coming from? How did they feel? What were they doing differently?

And so was born the ‘New Normal’ video series. Check out the episodes to find out how everyone from Personal Trainers, to agency owners, professional speakers and writers restarted themselves on the day the world paused.

The New Normal

Part 1

I must admit, this isn’t the first instance in a time of crisis I’ve turned to none other than , possibly the best source of wholesome advice and calm.

Be more Yeti!

Part 2

What do you do when your small business loses all it’s income overnight? How do you keep positive, and what do you do to ensure you can feed your family next month? Be more Yeti 💪 !

Empty Streets

Part 3

For the third part in our mini-series, ‘The New Normal’, I talk to food, wellness and lifestyle photographer 📷 on how she has adapted her business over the last few weeks, from social distancing photography to capturing the empty streets of Brighton for a compelling series of new online prints.

Making a difference

Part 4

🤔 What’s the one skill anyone across the world can share to make a difference during the Covid Pandemic? ⚡️ And how can you go from an idea to product release in just 2 weeks?

That’s what our next guest set out to discover, for part 4 of our mini-series ‘The New Normal’. Join us on his journey, from product founder to working for one of the biggest design products on the market , and now his mission to discover the power of language and connection in an ever-changing world! Discover the Lockdown Language Exchange here:

Under one roof

Part 5

For the Fifth part in our mini-series, ‘The New Normal’, I talk to 📢 Change Communications and Engagement Specialist and her partner, 🎧 Music Producer, and Songwriter to discover more about how they are learning to adapt since lockdown. We talk about the benefits of working from home, the trust that comes with remote working and gain valuable insights on how Music Producers work with their artists.

PR + Pandemic

Part 6

🤔 When most of the business world grounds to a halt, how do you stay focussed and act fast for your clients? ☄️ And how do you help your clients pivot and find new industries to focus their efforts on?

That’s what our next guest set out to discover, for part 6 of our mini-series ‘The New Normal’. Join us as we discover what a pandemic means if you work in PR + Comms and how to channel your mindset to embrace change head-on.

Time to focus

Part 7

For part Seven of our mini-series, ‘The New Normal’, I talk to the Curator & Events Manager of TEDx Brighton, and Founder of 📖Content Club and Poster, .

We talk about the benefits of having more time to focus on the things that matter, such as family and the launch of his new product ‘Poster’, a content repurposing on-demand platform.

Discover also how Toby has coped with moving his in-person evening to an online setting and the importance of staying connected to his regular attendees.

Special Guest Feature

Part 8

🌅 How do you make the most of your days right now when they all feel so similar?

🔋How do you keep energised and productive?

🔄 How can you reset your defaults and take advantage of our current situation to create a better you?

🍍 And why did John call his boat Pineapple?!

In this feature-length special edition of our Pack series ‘The New Normal’, John is super pumped to find out the answers to all these questions from none other than co-creator of the #designsprint framework, and co-author of both Sprint and Make Time, AND all-round productivity super sensei John Zeratsky!

Bye Bye Pipeline!

Part 9

🌵 When your pipeline dries up overnight, how do you pivot on your offering, fast?

🤔 How do you take skills you’d normally teach one to one and teach them online?

🛷 And what’s all this got to do with the world’s longest sledge run?!

Find out as we embark on our latest episode of the Pack miniseries ‘The New Normal’ with our guest Kim Slade of Touch Video Academy and Unlost Co..

Virtually reality

Part 10

🤝 Are VR meetings a good replacement for traditional face to face interactions?

⚡And how does the current climate make immersive technologies more accessible to smaller organisations?

In this penultimate episode of our Pack mini-series, ‘The New Normal’, we talk to Entrepreneur and Co-Founder of Julian Rocholl.

We chat about the future of virtual and augmented reality as well as the importance of avoiding unnecessary distractions by reducing your phone consumption and in turn forming good habits.

Hello millsustwo!

Part 11

🤔 What do you do when the 200 people that work in your business suddenly can’t come in?

🤯 How do you manage the pressure creative people are feeling right now and keep your team in a good mental place?

☀️ Where can you find a place which helps you focus on what’s important right now and feel your happiest?

🏢 And do you really need as much studio real estate to deliver your services in a post pandemic world?

In our final instalment of the Pack mini series ‘The New Normal’ I speak to none other than Matt Mills ustwo co-founder of legendary global product studio ustwo !