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Collectively we have helped conceive, design and deliver digital platforms and services that are used by millions of people worldwide. We work with global businesses to empower their teams to create innovative programmes that provide value to their users and the business.

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Case studies

Toronto Dominion Trading

Equity trading on the go

Toronto Dominion wanted to quickly design a mobile application for their equity trading platform which services hundreds of thousands of their clients daily. By working collaboratively with their team in using design sprint methodologies, we were quickly able to prototype key journeys through the application to test functionality, discover what was best suited to the mobile platform and would deliver the most value to their customers.

  • Alignment through experimentation
  • Billions of dollars worth of equities traded
  • Voted best designed mobile trading app experience by

Earth Rewards

Earn points to Offset Carbon Impacts

We worked on Earth Rewards from planning and concept stage right through to iterating on the live version of the app. By using Design Sprints we were able to iterate on the experience and learn lightning fast, making the experience of earning points and spending them as friction free and enjoyable as possible.

  • Harnessed the Earth Reward teams expertise
  • Tested with the app’s loyal audience
  • Engaged with senior stakeholders
  • Developed a post Sprint prototype to MVP Design Package

Immersive Studio

Next generation immersive classrooms

We worked on the immersive studio application from concept through to launch. The studio allows for next generation experiential learning content to be created within a cloud based environment. There were a wide range of challenges and multiple use cases for the app to consider, from the creation of experiences through to the onboarding process for those taking part.

  • Scoped and planned a series of Design Sprints around multiple use cases
  • Helped to build Sprint teams with specialist knowledge within the business
  • Created multiple prototypes and tested across a range of audiences
  • Developed a post Sprint prototype to MVP Design Package


Mobile banking for the UK

Natwest offshore banking wanted to create an iPad based application to move their customers away from relying on branches. They had a huge list of potential features suggested by senior management, but did not know which to pursue, and where to best spend their budget.

By spending time up front experimenting to create an animation of how the application could work and explore specific features, we were able to test complex and logistically dependent ideas before writing a line of code.

  • Approach saved £100,000's in wasted costs
  • Used by millions of people daily
  • Agile practices to applied to the creative process

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